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You’re working with buried utilities. You can’t afford mistakes.

You need a hydrovac company you can trust.

You want experienced operators you can count on to do things right.  Guys you’ll love having on site.

We run some of the most sought-after crews in the business.  Experts that get the job done safely and efficiently…

…making YOUR job as stress-free as possible.


Your Project Demands Top Operators

Great operators make all the difference.
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You’ll be working with some of the most skilled and respected crews in the industry.  We’re confident you’ll be asking for our guys by name.

Our safety record qualifies us as one of the few contractors to work in the Imperial Oil Strathcona Refinery… a site with notoriously strict safety standards.

And we’re trusted by high-profile clients on a weekly basis.

You’ll love working with crews that have been a part of successful projects all over Alberta, from huge pipelines to local utilities here in Edmonton.

You’re not just getting a hydrovac.  You’re getting peace of mind.


We Do Hydrovac Excavation (And We’re Great at It)

We use high-pressure water to safely dig and find underground utility lines.  We also do all kinds of non-destructive hydrovac excavation.

But more than that, we build relationships.

Our operators average 7 years of professional experience… meaning you’ll love the results.


Watch: Daylighting utilities in residential Edmonton

Let’s Work Together!

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“Summit is my go-to for work in the plant where safety standards are high” – Kris Maurer, Foreman, E&E Construction

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