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Power Lines – How Hydrovac Crews Can Minimize the Risks

The hydrovac signalled, slowed, and pulled to the side of the highway.  The operator and his swamper had just pulled up to the job site: they would be digging holes for two new utility poles that would soon be mounted with brand new power lines, replacing the existing ones. The […]

Hydrovac Trucks: How Did They Become So Popular?

Hydrovac trucks have become incredibly common over the past two decades. Prior to that, the oil-and-gas, utility, and construction industries relied on backhoes and shovels to do their digging. There were a few hydrovacs around but for the most part, they were pretty much non-existent. In the 90’s, more popped […]

Navigating Edmonton’s Spring Road Ban (2018)

For Edmonton hydrovac operators, April and May mean less layers, muddy job sites, and thinner gloves. It also means the annual spring road ban. Axel weight limits are imposed beginning in spring and last until the end of May or beginning of June, as different counties and municipalities enact their […]