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We are a full-service hydrovac excavation company.

A well-operated hydrovac truck is the safest, fastest, and most environmentally-friendly method of excavating available.

What is Hydrovac Excavation?

In hydrovac excavation, a pressurized blast of water is delivered from a truck to dig holes in the earth with pinpoint accuracy. This can be used to dig a hole or trench, locate an underground utility, or clean up a construction-related mess. Excavating tasks like these are routinely needed by construction, utility, and oil and gas companies.

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How It Works

First,  a high-pressure blast of water is delivered from a hydrovac truck through the dig wand. This stream of water blasts the ground it’s aimed at and loosens it up, turning it into a slurry.

Then, the slurry is suctioned up by the vacuum tube into the safe storage space on the truck.

Once the job is completed, the hydrovac truck is driven away to the appropriate dump site. This disposal is done in line with environmental rules and regulations. The water drains off, and all you’re left with is a mix of dirt and clay.

Hydrovac excavation has become the preferred industrial excavating method because of its high accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

Services We Offer

• Daylighting: This process, also called potholing, is used to locate and access underground utility lines to verify their location so that they can be avoided by drillers and excavators. This is also used for testing, maintenance, or repair work.

In the past, this would have been done by a backhoe or shovel, which is risky and time-consuming. Using a hydrovac truck, the utility can be exposed in a couple minutes without risking damage to underground lines and without any unnecessary earth removal as the process is so accurate and efficient. Potholing is also used to quickly dig holes for sign posts, telephone poles, and fences.

• Removing debris: This is typically after an old building has been demolished, or construction of a new building has been completed leaving behind considerable building waste and debris. Hydrovac is ideal for clearing the site. The material is vacuumed into the hydrovac truck and taken to an approved waste disposal site.

• Manhole cleaning: Manholes are a common feature in Edmonton, the only surface level evidence of complex sewage and water systems. As part of maintaining these systems, manholes need to be regularly cleaned and a hydrovac truck is a fast and effective method.

• Slot trenching: Slot trenching is the process of digging narrow trenches in the ground. This can be used for installing pipes, cables or other underground utilities, as well as verifying that no buried utilities exist in the area.

A hydrovac truck allows for safe and efficient slot trenching even in the freezing Edmonton winters. Because it’s a non-destructive digging method, there’s no risk of damaging existing utilities. Hydrovac excavation makes it easy and safe to install sprinkler systems and perform similar installations without the risk of damaging previously installed systems or lines. Using a highly efficient and accurate hydrovac truck saves time and minimizes the costs for backfill.

• Line location: utility providers usually have an idea where their buried services are but need to verify.

A hydrovac truck can quickly find them so that they can be visually inspected.

• Other digging: Hydrovac services can be used for all other digging requirements in cold weather environments or in difficult to reach locations. This is particularly relevant in the oil and gas industry.

Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is the most environmentally friendly method of digging available.  We use potable water to dig so there are no risks associated with its runoff. The water used is simply absorbed into the ground.

A hydrovac digs efficiently and precisely, saving time, money, and unnecessary disruption to the site.

We can dig during freezing Alberta winters when the ground is frozen solid. The high-pressure water can be heated to be able to cut through frozen earth. It is also robust enough to deal with rocky terrains and all soil types.

Our teams are able to access hard to reach spaces with extra length vacuum hoses.  A hydrovac truck is great for working in residential and congested locations.

Why Summit?

You’ll love working with our popular operators.  Our team of experts is approachable, has a dedication to working safely, and builds strong relationships with our customers.

Most of our customers calling us on a weekly basis for ongoing work. We strive for a high commitment to quality customer service and making your job easier.

We run some of the most high-end trucks available, meaning time saved for you.  Our straight vac unit allows us to stay on site and dig all day long if needed.

We’re trusted by leading companies in sectors ranging from oil and gas, to utilities and residential construction.

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