Hydrovac Services

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We do hydrovac excavation – and we’re great at it.

A well-operated hydrovac truck is the safest, fastest, and most environmentally-friendly method of excavating available.

What is Hydrovac Excavation?

In hydrovac excavation, pressurized water is used to dig holes in the earth with pinpoint accuracy. This can be used to dig a trench, locate an underground utility, or clean up a construction-related mess.

How It Works

The hydrovac operator uses a dig wand to deliver a continual blast of high-pressure water. This loosens up the earth, turning it into a slurry.  The slurry is simultaneously suctioned up the vacuum tube into the storage tank on the truck.

When the job is finished, the hydrovac truck is driven to the appropriate dump site, where the slurry is dumped into a pit. This disposal is done in line with environmental regulations. The water drains off, and what’s left is a mix of dirt and clay.

Why Use a Hydrovac?

Hydrovac excavation has become the preferred industrial excavating method because of its high accuracy, efficiency, speed, and safety.  It can be used for underground utility daylighting, slot trenching, and any other non-destructive excavation needs.

The high-pressure water can be heated to be able to cut through frozen earth, allowing operators to dig through winter. It is robust enough to deal with hard clay and all soil types.

Hydrovac crews are also able to access hard to reach spaces with extra length vacuum hoses, without disturbing existing lawns and landscaping.

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