Hydrovac Excavation

We do hydrovac excavation – and we’re great at it.

A well-operated hydrovac truck is the safest, fastest, and most environmentally-friendly method of excavating available.

What it is

In hydrovac excavation, pressurized water is used to dig holes in the earth with pinpoint accuracy. This can be used to find an underground utility line without damaging anything that might be buried there – a process called daylighting.

Watch: Daylighting utility lines for Epcor

How it works

The hydrovac operator uses a dig wand to deliver a continual blast of

high-pressure water to the ground. This loosens up the earth, turning it into a thick slurry.  The slurry is simultaneously suctioned up the vacuum tube into the storage tank on the truck until the hole is dug.

When the job is finished, the hydrovac truck is driven to the appropriate dump site, where the slurry is dumped into a pit. This disposal is done in line with provincial regulations. The water drains off, and what’s left is a mix of dirt and clay.

Why use a hydrovac?

Hydrovac excavation has become the legally-required excavating method when digging near utility lines or when having to daylight an existing line.  But it’s also the fastest way to dig a deep and accurate hole for fence-posts, concrete pilings, and power line poles.  Hydrovac trucks can also be used to clean sewers and culverts, defrost frozen equipment, suck up water from ditches or drainage systems, and sink shoring boxes.

The high-pressure water can be heated to be able to cut through frozen earth, allowing operators to dig during winter.

Hydrovac crews are also able to access hard to reach spaces with extra length vacuum hoses, without disturbing existing lawns and landscaping.

Excavation job? Call Summit

We pride ourselves on being an experienced and flexible hydrovac excavation company with some seriously high-profile clients.  From local refineries to pipelines across Alberta, our close-knit crew includes some of the most skilled, respected, and likeable guys in the industry.

If you have an excavating job, no matter the type or location, we can help.  Call us at (587) 596-2224.

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