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Working with Epcor near Southgate

Industries We Serve

Hydrovac is not only used for daylighting utilities, it’s also becoming the go-to option for industrial excavating of any kind.

Here are a few industries that utilize our services.

Oil and Gas – In the oil and gas industry, hydrovac trucks are used extensively.  When new pipelines are being laid, existing utilities need to be located and verified before any digging can happen. Regulations have made hydrovac trucks an integral part of pipeline building.

Summit also helps out with other jobs such as trenching, sucking up drill mud, rig cleaning, thawing frozen pipelines, cleaning off drill bits, spill clean-up and much more.

Utilities – Locating and daylighting utility lines are our bread and butter.  Utility companies like Epcor and subcontractors that service and install new lines use us to dig trenches, find existing lines, or verify that no lines exist.

Residential and Commercial Construction – Working in residential areas?  Tight streets, buried utility lines, cars, and pedestrians can make new construction difficult.  Hydrovac trucks equipped with long extension hoses can get into the tightest spots and excavate without ruining the front lawn.  We’re experienced with working on new home construction as well as daylighting existing utilities in established neighbourhoods.

Summit provides a host of hydrovac services for its customers in the construction sector including potholing and daylighting, slot-trenching, tunneling debris removal, shaft clean out, concrete slurry removal out of the wet pours, pit to pit clean-up, and back-fill restoration.

Power Generation – The power generation industry uses safe excavation for many of its processes. We work with several power generation clients including AltaLink.

Hydrovac excavation has taken over in the power generation industry. Daylighting is commonly used for identifying already existing underlying electrical infrastructure. Verifying and accessing underground electrical lines is exclusively done by hydrovac.

Transportation – Rail, road, and airport infrastructure require repair from time to time. This needs to be done as fast as possible to minimize disruption to traffic. Excavating with a hydrovac ensures speed and efficiency.

The transportation industry makes use of hydrovac services extensively, including railcar cleaning, the locating of the bottom of foundations, derailment or emergency roadside-cleanup, sign and post holes, trenching for power and drainage lines, locating buried utilities and maintenance excavation.

Industrial – Industrial work includes the regular maintenance of buried pipes and utility lines.

Summit trucks are perfect for working in narrow spaces without posing any danger to existing underground industrial infrastructure.

Sewer Maintenance – Hydrovacs are used for reliable sewer, culvert, and manhole cleaning. Hydrovacs can be used for easily removing any sediment that may be obstructing sewers but without the danger of causing damage to the sewer linings and walls.


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