At Summit, safety is our number one priority.

We strive for the highest safety standards for our operators, the public, as well as the environment. Our concern for safety has led us to develop an industry-leading safety program for our staff, coordinated by safety officer Karen Cox.

What sets us apart?

Highly Trained and Experienced Operators

We’re experienced at working in plants, near power lines, in residential neighbourhoods, on commercial sites, laying pipelines in the wilderness, and working in confined spaces.   We’re Fortis Certified and ticketed in all the leading industry certs, such as H2S, confined space, and TDG.  We carry fall protection and we’re not afraid to use it.

We’re one of the few contractors working in the Esso Strathcona Refinery, a place notorious for stringent safety practices and eagle-eyed safety officers.

Our operators are fully trained, mentored, and qualified to get your job done in as safe a way as is humanly possible.  Our operators average 7 years of safe excavating experience.

Pre-Job Planning and Communication

Our workday begins with a pre-dig meeting, including any other workers who will be on the job site with us. Potential hazards are discussed, planned for, and documented. Changes to the worksite situation are met with another meeting and precautions are again communicated properly to all workers on site.

Exceptional Hydrovac Equipment

We run some of the most high-end trucks available, and we keep them in peak condition.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our workers wear CSA-approved gear, including boots, fire-resistant coveralls, gloves, eye protection, hearing protection, hard hats, and face shields.  Fall arrest is kept on the trucks.

Public Protection

Safety of the public is just as important as the safety of our staff. We often work in commercial and residential areas.  We work to make these jobs minimally invasive to public life and ensure signs and barricades are in place before the job starts.

Working Near Power Lines

We have a wealth of experience working around power lines.

We know how to identify and mitigate the risks.  We keep our distance.  We’re also Fortis certified so we know how to work with the powerlines on your job site.

Environmental Safety

We follow local and provincial regulations when safely disposing of waste liquids.  Occasionally we suck up slurry which may be contaminated, in which case we dispose of it at specially designated waste processing sites located throughout the city and province.

Our Reputation

Our company culture of safety has earned us a reputation among our clients as a hydrovac company they can count on.

If you have any questions please call us at (587) 596-2224.

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